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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Rainbows Abound

Time for my second assignment. 
This time I was tasked with doing rainbows and I have made many. 
If I shared them all you'd get bored really fast, so I'll just add a few. 
This one is a spinner card. You twirl the rainbow around before you close it and when it's opened it spins. How fun!!
This one is framed in on the top of a box. 
And finally a slider card. When you pull up the tab at the top of the card the sunshine and rainbow come up from behind the clouds. 

Day 3 is symmetry. 
Hmmmm...What shall I do for that?

Visual Triangle

Hi All 
I'm trying to take part in a challenge and this is my first assignment. 
I was to create a card with a visual triangle. I think I've got one here that's a touch lopsided, but that counts. Even the hot air ballon is triangular shaped. 
I used a stamp from The Cat's Pajamas #K-5838 CL, and the adorable plaid paper is from a 6X6 paper pad from My Favorite Things. I love every single piece of it!
Hint Sneak Peek....
The gals in my upcoming Red Hen Roundup class will be making the one with the clouds. 

My next assignment is rainbows. I'll be posting that next

Monday, July 27, 2020

Playing with Cardstock

This blog post is just to put some pictures out there of my work with cardstock.  I am applying to be on the design team of a site that sells great cardstock. It's getting harder and harder to run to the store and pick up the color you need.  To solve that problem I ordered a sample ring of the colors sold by so that I can flip through it and get just the right paper I need. They have a ton of beautiful colors. Just what we need.  I fanned this out so that you could see just a few.
                        Yummy right?

Anyway,  this post is just going to show some pictures listing the colors I used.

This first one is a card we will be doing in my upcoming Red Hen Roundup class. 
I used:  Mustard #71036
Rust #71071465
Latte #710503
And the inside has a piece of Vanilla #71041

This scrapbook page uses Dandelion #71037 and black.
I drew red lines on the Dandelion to copy the lines on Woody's shirt. 
Megan drew stripes on a shirt that she had to dye yellow in order to get the proper color for Woody's shirt, but here's a fact about my daughter who is a 
SUPER perfectionist. 
She got all done with the first shirt and when she buttoned it up she realized that she hadn't made the lines line up on the front. Could she say it was fine? Absolutely not! 
She bought another white shirt, dyed it the proper shade of yellow and did the lines all over again.
 I used: Dandelion #71037
and black

I often sit at night and practice coloring
 (I need lots of practice πŸ˜‹)
I colored these flowers with alchohol markers during a practice session, then put them on a card base of Pine #71057 to complete a car,d. The greetings use white and Dandelion that color!

And finally I include the double page layout of the first day of nursery school for my little man. I love the picture Megan took of him in the classroom. 
He looks so small as he surveys his new world. He's going to be 8 years old next month and will be entering 3re grade. Where does the time go? 
These sweet times seem to fly by way too quickly. 
 All that to tell you that I used: 
Honeycomb #71560
for the background 
A well as: Denim #71073
and some black and white. 

That's enough from me. Time to head to my desk and create some more. 

Be sure and check out their site....
Hint: The sample ring really helps.

Friday, July 24, 2020

French Fries

It's been some time since I've I've posted!
I've been neglecting my duties but I've been hard at work at my desk making SO many cards. I not only need to remember to post more often but it is also my goal to add more pics of the work I'm doing here on my blog. I was recently considering applying for a design team spot on a company and realized that I don't believe I have enough of an online presence to be considered. Color me sad πŸ™  Oh well,
I probably don't  need to add another thing to my plate anyway.
I've been getting this box together of cards I've completed, putting them in sets of three to try selling them on Etsy.

Now if I just had good pictures of all of them. Always more to do. I think taking a picture of each card I make as soon as I finish it might help. We'll see.
So I'm adding this picture of a card I completed for a card swap as a beginning with a resolution to show more of my work.

 This sunflower stamp from Stampin Up is so beautiful that I may not have done it justice. It awesome just stamped plain on solid cardstock if you ask me.

I was reminded to pop on because I got an email from McDonald's informing me that today is National Drive-Thru Day.
Any lunch plans? They are giving away french fries today in celebration.
I don't eat many french fries these days but a Drive-Thru at Jimboy's for tacos and a side of rice sounds very tempting to me. to me. Sorry McDonalds.  I'll catch you on National "This is What the Grandkids Always Want Day" πŸ˜‰

So happy National Drive-thru Day to you all.  Hope you find something yummy to eat and someone special to it with. I'm headed back to my desk to finish a card.

I promise I'll send a picture.  😊

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie

Today I've decided to post a bit of history.
On this day in 1946 the bikini hit the world scene designed by Frenchman Louis Reard. He was a car mechanic in the 1940s but also spent time looking after his mother's lingere boutiqe in Paris. It was there that he designed the bikini which was unveiled on this day.

RΓ©ard thought women should be more daring. A spirit of “doing your own thing” was taking hold across Europe after the chains of war had been broken and people were beginning to enjoy a new taste of freedom.

There was a drive by clothing manufacturers and designers to produce new ranges that would reflect the free-spirited mood of the times.

Reards bathing costume used no more than 30 inches of fabric, the bottom half made from two triangles of cloth held together with string and the top half no more than a skimpy bra.

He thought the design would be “highly explosive." American atomic bomb tests had started to take place off the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, so he cheekily called his swimwear “the bikini”.

Finding a model prepared to appear in public wearing his scandalously skimpy creation proved to be quite a challenge. He finally recruited 19-year-old exotic dancer Micheline Bernardini who had no qualms at all about parading semi-naked for all to see.
Here she is holding the box in which it could be packaged.

He expected big headlines after the launch at a Paris swimming pool, so he designed a bikini for Micheline that was printed appropriately with newspaper type.

Another French designer produced a competing swimsuit. He called it the “atom” and described it as “the world’s smallest bathing suit.” RΓ©ard’s creation was considerably smaller so he advertised it as “smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit.”

Shockingly it was the first time that a
wearer’s navel had been exposed. In his advertisements he declared that a two-piece suit wasn’t a genuine bikini “unless it could be pulled through a wedding ring.”

There was a lot of initial resistance. It was banned on beaches in Spain and Italy for a time and was considered unacceptable in the United States. But more and more women wanted one and they appeared in increasing numbers on Europe’s beaches as each summer passed.

A breakthrough came in 1958 when Brigitte Bardot, the so-called “sex kitten” of the age, exploded onto cinema screens flaunting a bikini in her film, And God Created Woman.

In the US, barriers were broken in 1960 when pop star Bryan Hyland scored a major worldwide hit with a number which sang of a girl dressed only in an “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini.”

And the rest my friends is history.

By the way, in the 60s and 70s in Southern California I often sported a "bikini" but I never wore one even close to this tiny. 

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Time for S'mores!!

Today is National Graham Cracker Day!!
I was just feeding Lyla a few a bit ago to celebrate.
They definitely are a tasty snack and they really shine when used as a pie crust.
I'm always interested in what's behind these days so I thought I'd share the results of my investigation.

When Sylvester Graham first invented the slightly sweetened cracker, he intended it as a health food. In the early 1800s, the Presbyterian minister developed the cracker as part of his “Graham Diet” program. They were made from whole wheat graham flour with added bran and wheat germs. He believed his snack would curb sinful cravings. 
Today, makers use bleached white flour and blend a variety of flavors including honey, cinnamon, and chocolate. They also come in smaller bite-size snacks and fun shapes. 
While a delicious snack on their own, they also make terrific ingredients for desserts. Crushed graham crackers blended with butter and pressed into pie tins, or springform pans make excellent crusts when lightly toasted. Graham crackers layered between yogurt and fruit taste delicious in a parfait. When it comes to crumb toppings, oats, brown sugar, butter, and crushed graham crackers blended together and lightly toasted will always satisfy .

The boys and I will be going camping soon and of course that always means s'mores will make an appearance.
They are also a great snack for the grandkids.
So thanks Sylvester! 
We appreciate them!

By the way.....
Tomorrow is National Fried Chicken Day!
I'll have mine with mashed potatoes and gravy thank you. 😘

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Happy Pineapple Day!!

My daughter informed me a bit ago that today is Pineapple Day. I was sitting here working on cards for my Paper Pumpkin group and as luck would have it I was finishing up this card.
How fortunate was that?
So then I decided to check and make sure before I sent out wishes to you all. 
I went online and sure enough, 
there it was.
I looked further to read about how it began. 
It was apparently originally
 "Bring Your Pineapple to Work Day"

Here's the story...

The First Pineapple Day

“What’s up with the pineapple?” James asked as he walked in the door. He had noticed the large, ripe-smelling pineapple sitting on my desk, and was a bit confused.
It was 9 AM on June 27th, 2011, and we were in our small coworking office on Townsend St. in San Francisco. James and I were a bit over 3 years into our startup journey, and we had just started our summer at Y Combinator. It was still just the two of us; we had yet to hire any full time employees.
The truth was that I had craved pineapple that morning, so I stopped at the nearby Safeway on the way into the office. Our recent infusion of Y Combinator investment money had enabled us to switch our diets from mooching off of my aunt and uncle to actually buying our own food at the grocery store. This was super exciting, and I was taking full advantage of this newfound freedom. I like my fruit fresh, so canned or even pre-cut pineapple was out of the question. I bought a whole fruit and planned to chop it up in the shared kitchen. Even if I couldn’t eat the whole thing, I was confident that the other nearby founders would be happy for a snack.
Of course, that’s not what I told James. After 3+ years of working together in a confined space, we had developed a special level of snark in our relationship that’s normally reserved for notes left on badly parked cars. “It’s International Bring Your Pineapple to Work Day,” I responded. Adding casually, “Where’s yours?”
“That’s not a real thing,” James retorted with an eyeroll as he set his bag down and sat down at his desk.
“Sure it is” I insisted, and to back my claim up I pulled up Google Calendar and added “International Bring Your Pineapple to Work Day” to our shared company calendar. I set the event to repeat every year on June 27th. Later that day, we ate my pineapple in what we later termed the “pineapple slaughter” (a term which, in hindsight, was unnecessarily violent). At the time, we had no idea how significant this day would eventually become.
That night, I made the first public announcement of the holiday in a tweet:
worst Bring Your Pineapple to Work Day ever. No one else even brought their pineapples.
See Andrew Lee's other Tweets

One Year Later

By June 27th, 2012, Firebase had grown to a team of four with the addition of Vikrum and Michael. The first pineapple day had been long forgotten at this point, so it was a surprise to me and James when we arrived at the office to find Michael with a big, juicy pineapple on his desk.
“What’s up with the pineapple?” we asked.
“I don’t know. It said ‘International Bri Your Pineapple to Work Day’ on the calendar. So I did.” Michael responded.
“Where’s yours?”
I knew then and there that this was going to be big. If Michael was excited enough about the idea that a random confusing calendar event was enough to get him to buy and bring a pineapple, then this thing had legs. We decided that from then on, “International Bring Your Pineapple to Work Day” (“Pineapple Day” or “BYPTWD” for short) was going to be a company-wide holiday.
Secretly, I had grander ambitions: to make Pineapple Day a global holiday, on the level of New Years, Independence Day, April Fool’s Day, Festivus, etc.

Pineapple Day at Firebase Over the Years

We’ve celebrated Pineapple Day every year since. 

There you go...What a fun story!
It's back to work for me but now I'm going to want a darn pineapple all day. πŸ˜‹